Boo — Dog (pictured above, at left), Reiki client

“Boo was an abused rescue animal and will never be the social butterfly of the group. However, she is happy and after many months of fearing the worst for her, we knew we did the right thing in trying Annette’s therapy. My only regret is that we did not have it sooner for Boo.

As a Nurse spending a large part of my career in critical care, I have witnessed some very remarkable life experiences and responses to crisis. What I witnessed with our little Boo was one of the most profound things I have ever seen with any living thing. I say that with all seriousness, and any skepticism I had about Reiki is gone. …

Annette provided us with the opportunity to give our love and care to Boo. More importantly, Annette’s therapy provided Boo with the opportunity to receive it.

I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Annette, and her therapy. It is a privilege to witness the gift of healing, rehabilitation and renewal she provides. … Thank you Annette for your healing hands, and for helping our Boo!”

Matt, Chris, Ben and Jack F.


General — Horse, Reiki client

“General, a beautiful appaloosa, arrived from Durango as an introverted suspicious horse. Annette began sending Reiki to him several times for his sore hocks and anxious behaviors. During an intense session, Annette sensed that General had always been treated as livestock, not as an individual loved by humans. That day General learned that what he was feeling was love. Annette healed his heart. Now, General is able to express his personality through curiosity, humor, and love.”

Kathy R.


LeAnn C. — Shamanic client

“Annette is a healer I trust. She was very clear as to what I should expect during our session and I felt safe, relaxed and comfortable. The information she shared with me after my soul retrieval was accurate in relation to my past experiences. I now feel more confident and whole as a direct result of this Shamanic practice.  Thank you, Annette, for assisting me along my path.”


Rocky — Dog, Reiki client (+ horse boarded at same location)

“I have seen this lady work on a dog and a horse. In both cases she came up with a diagnosis that the vets hadn’t even reached until after she did. She is good at what she does!”

Terri H.


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