Shamanic Sessions

What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a form of spiritual practice introduced to the western world by anthropologist Michael Harner as a synthesis of the core practices he found to be in common among indigenous healers from around the world. While there are core methods that come from Harner’s teachings, modern shamanic practitioners generally adapt those methods somewhat to accommodate their cultures, beliefs, and personal styles. The fundamental foundation underlying the methods of all practitioners is that they follow the guidance they receive from Spirit.

A shamanic session with me will include, unless otherwise directed by Spirit, three to four parts:

  • an extraction of energetic intrusions, which is the removal of energetic attachments that don’t belong to the client
  • a soul retrieval, which is the reintegration of aspects of the client’s essence that may have dissociated as a result of trauma, frightening experiences, or other negative occurrences
  • a power animal retrieval, as needed, for clients whose personal power has been depleted, or as guided by Spirit
  • a follow-up meeting to make sure there is closure for the session and, if needed, to create a release ceremony; this meeting can occur from 2 weeks to 6 months after the original session and is at the discretion of the client.

Clients are welcome to bring a support person or people to the original session, which generally lasts about an hour but can take longer. Immediately following the session, I write notes on what occurred and make a copy for the client to keep.

A shamanic session for an animal would look different in practice from a session for a human and would probably require less time.


Current Rates

Shamanic session for human — $75

Shamanic session for animal friend — $60

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