Reiki Sessions

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a complementary form of healing that clears energy blockages, enhancing the body’s natural healing ability. It promotes relaxation and fosters mental and emotional well-being.

Reiki does not replace, but rather complements, medical treatment and other therapies. It is being used in a growing number of hospitals and clinics in the United States, including the famous Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

With animals (and humans), it is especially effective in calming, healing trauma, and relieving pain, such as the pain of arthritis. It has been used in conjunction with acupuncture to stop seizures in dogs and can help prevent colic and laminitis in horses.

A Reiki session will usually take from a half hour to an hour and a half, depending on the client. Animals, in particular, vary in how much energy work they will accept, which I strive to honor.

What are some practical uses with animals?

  • Reducing fear/stress in rescued animals
  • Easing separation anxiety
  • Calming performance animals before their performances or athletic events
  • Calming animals before and after travel
  • Helping animals recover from traumatic experiences
  • Helping horses heal from emotional or physical trauma, which can lead to laminitis
  • Stopping milder forms of colic in horses
  • Promoting faster and/or more effective healing in animals under veterinary care

NOTE: As with other forms of complementary healing, such as chiropractic and acupuncture, Reiki should NEVER be substituted for veterinary/medical care.

Current Rates

1 in-person session — $50

1 distance session — $40

3 in-person sessions for a single concern — $120

3 distance sessions for a single concern — $100

weekly preventive/maintenance sessions:

in-person — $160/month

distance — $130/month

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