The “Secret” to Successful Healing (& Morning Star’s Lessons for Me)

In practicing Reiki (and other forms of healing as well), I have found three ingredients, if you will, that are crucial for bringing about the best possible outcome. These are intent, focus, and compassion.

When I connect with Source, it is my intent that opens me to the flow of Source energy. Stronger than desire, intent is KNOWING that healing will take place. I intend for the healing energy to flow, and I intend for the recipient to be healed.

Focus is what guides the energy and keeps it flowing smoothly. Once while sharing Reiki with General, the horse I’ve written about previously, I got a beautiful demonstration of the importance of focus. He was munching on hay while I worked on him. Three or four times I was distracted by other things going on or by people talking to me. After each time, when I refocused, General stopped eating and lifted his head; I could tell from his expression as he looked at me that he was feeling a new influx of energy.

The power of Source energy is love. This knowledge was brought to me through a vision I had years ago while thinking about unconditional love. Words cannot come close to conveying the feeling of love that overtook me and the absolute knowledge that there is no power greater than love. For successful healing, it is imperative to feel compassion — love — for the recipient, which means setting aside ego, insecurity, self-consciousness, etc., and keeping motives purely compassionate.

I’d like to share two ways in which my horse, Morning Star (pictured above), reinforced the importance of that last component, compassion. The first happened not long after I’d had a traumatic experience and was feeling fearful and anxious with him. Picking up on my mood, as horses do, Star was very antsy (“Hey, if the lead mare [human] is nervous, there must be a good reason, so I’d better be ready for danger”). I had him tied at a hitching rail that was on a steep slope, and his restlessness made me more nervous; we were in a negative spiral. I decided to give him Reiki to calm him down. I didn’t first ask him if he wanted it, and my motive was purely selfish and fear based. Almost immediately, Star jumped away from my hands and tried to rear away from me, pulling hard against the securely tied lead rope. I realized what I had done and apologized to him, and he stopped fighting me. Thankfully he’s very forgiving!

The other time Star gave me a clear lesson was a day that I arrived at the stables quite (insecurely) full of myself. I walked up the driveway toward his pen and the barn wanting the ego stroke of his greeting me with a whinny. I was turned inward, not sending out love and joy at seeing him. When I got close to Star’s pen, I greeted him. He looked at me, turned his rear toward me, and walked away. Ouch! As I kept walking to the barn, I recognized — through my bruised feelings — what was going on and began shifting my attitude. Then I noticed that one of the horses in the barn was in need of healing, so I took 10 or 15 minutes to share Reiki with her. Afterwards, my heart now full of love for my handsome Morning Star, I picked up my grooming tools and headed out of the barn to go get him from his pen. He was already standing at the closest corner of his pen, watching for me, and as soon as he saw me, he whinnied.

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