Bleu was not a warm and snuggly kind of cat. In fact, I rarely saw her in my friend Sandy’s lap. She was much more interested in playing or exploring outside, which was where she was one day when I stopped by to share Reiki with Sandy.

Sandy set up a chair in the middle of her “piano room,” one wall of which is a sliding glass door that opens to the back deck. She sat in the chair, and her dog, Sassy, lay nearby. I was about halfway through the session, my hands at Sandy’s lower back, when suddenly Bleu came racing in from the back yard and leaped onto Sandy’s lap. Sandy and I both laughed as Bleu squirmed and circled until I offered her my hands. “Do you want Reiki?” I asked. She pushed herself into my hands and then lay down. Well, ok then.

With Sandy’s permission to pause her session, I began sharing Reiki with Bleu. Sassy immediately got up and came over, so I ended up sharing with both cat and dog. After maybe five minutes, Bleu stood, launched herself from Sandy’s lap, and ran back outside, at which point Sassy lay back down a couple feet away and I continued with Sandy’s session.

Afterwards, as Sandy and I walked toward the front door for me to leave, we heard Bleu calling from the back deck. I didn’t really pay any attention, as I’ve had female cats who would walk around calling, carrying a toy mouse. I just figured it was some sort of instinctive mommy-cat thing. But Sandy went to see why Bleu was calling, explaining that this was unusual behavior for her. Sandy returned carrying a wild turkey feather, which Bleu had found and brought to the deck and which was the reason she was calling. “She’s never done this before,” Sandy said, handing me the feather. “I think she brought this to thank you.”

I still have the feather, which I treasure as my first tangible thank-you gift from an animal.

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