It has been suggested that I add a blog to my website, which is a whole new experience for me. I wondered what to blog about, specifically. Should I share insights that I receive during meditation and journal writing? Well, that actually turned into a soon-to-be published book of affirmations.  [Now published; see link at bottom of web site home page.] Should I write about the healing process? Well, that’s nothing original and wouldn’t take many entries. What then? Suddenly it occurred to me (duh!) to share some healing experiences, especially of animals. After all, that’s what I would enjoy reading. So herewith begins a new chapter of using technology in my life!


Shamrock is a gorgeous palomino who used to board where I boarded my horse. He was having some mysterious health issues, so his person was happy to have me practice Reiki on him. I really do mean practice on him; I was a Reiki rookie at the time. Shamrock quickly became a Reiki hog, loving it whenever I’d share healing energy with him. An early experience with him stands out, though, because I found it so amazing.

I stepped into the pen, or corral, where Shamrock was hanging out for a while, munching on hay. I explained to him what I was doing (yes, that’s part of the process) and suggested he position himself to put whatever part of him was in need of healing against my hands. Standing a few feet away, I began allowing the energy to flow through me to him. After a few minutes, Shamrock stopped eating, came over and sniffed my hands, and then circled me three times in a clockwise direction before going back to the hay. I kept sharing Reiki.

After another minute or so, Shamrock came back and circled me three times again, this time counterclockwise! Again he returned to the hay to eat some more. Finally, he came back, sniffed my hands again, and then slid forward against them until his belly was resting against my hands. He stood that way for a few minutes before moving off again, only to come right back. He then stood while I put my hands on his belly and on his shoulder, as I felt guided. My hands became incredibly hot as he soaked in the energy.

Throughout all of it, I just stood there smiling blissfully at the awesome connection. I don’t know what the circling was about, although it certainly felt significant, but then to have him take my suggestion and show me what part of him needed healing was absolutely beautiful! I was definitely hooked on healing animals after that experience!

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